1. Login to Personably and click on your name in the bottom left of the navigation bar. This will reveal a menu. Click 'Settings' to head to the Settings page in Personably.

2. Add your Workable account's subdomain. This is the phrase that comes before "workable.com" in the URL when you're logged in to Workable. For example, if the URL is: "https://airbnb.workable.com/", your subdomain is "airbnb".

3. Click "Connect to Workable", and complete the authorisation flow.

4. Once redirected back to Personably, you'll see that your Workable account is now connected.

5. Whenever a candidate is moved to "Hired" within Workable, they'll be imported into Personably. Try moving a candidate in Workable.

6. Each new hire will show in your Personably dashboard. Personably will copy across the candidate's name, email address, start date, and job title.

7. Click "Create" to add the new hire into Personably. 

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