1. To get started, head to Apps Settings in your Personably account.

2. Click the button on the Peakon card to connect your organisation's account.

3. A pop-up will appear asking you to enter your Peakon API key. If you don't have your API key already, carry on following the steps below.

4. Head over to Peakon and login in to your account. Click "Integrations" in the side bar and then head to the "Custom apps" tab.

5. Add the name "Personably" and add the "employee" permissions. Click "Create custom app"

6. You will then see your access token. Click on the Copy icon to save it to your clipboard.

7. Now head back to Personably and repeat steps 1-3. Hit the "Connect to Peakon" button at the end of step 3 and you're done!

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